Minecraft Coming To Wii U? [RUMOR]


There is once again a rumour going around the internet that Minecraft could be possibly coming to the Wii U. according to an “undisclosed retail source” the game is apparently under development by Mojang and is expected to launch with the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One Minecraft releases during summer 2014.


27 thoughts on “Minecraft Coming To Wii U? [RUMOR]

    • miiverse mouths ago like near may this guy made mama joke post like hammer brother was talking mama joke to mario bunch of people are makeing mama joke & getting banned for it i said one & got warning from admins damn trolls………… -.- admins are so stupid & can’t handle a joke & he didn’t get in trouble for it he’s gonna regret pain from upseting guy some day

    • Yeah sure, though careful you could get banned or your posts deleted cause that’s “Advertising” lol. But feel free to spread the word. Also how did you guys get your picture to work? I tried to make mine, my Dragon Eye pic but it wont actually use it even when I go to me profile it says Im using it…but yet it doesn’t show it here lol,

  1. First click your profile name, then click settings where your profile pic would be. On the right side of the page, click public profile, then at the bottom of the page, you will see the words “Profile Photo” and “Edit your photo”

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