Zelda Revealed For Super Smash Bros (Big Shocker lol)


Well we all saw this coming, or at least anyone who is a big Smash Bros fan did. Though it was a bit surprising that she looks like the version from Brawl, aka Twilight Princess Zelda? In my opinion I think its just to cover multiple Zelda bases, they already have Toon Link from Windwaker HD, a Skyloft stage from Skyward Sword, a Spirit Tracks Train stage, Link from Skyward Sword? So why not keep the Twilight Princess Zelda. Also her and Link in this Smash Bros game might be what they will look like in the Zelda HD Wii U game that’s coming at the end of next year. Smash Bros itself will be out in 2014, when? first half of the year is my guess, no later then August though. June most likely.


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