GameIndustry.Biz Believes Wii U Is One Of The Losers Of 2013


Trade publication Games Industry has listed what they deem to be the losers of 2013. Among those listed are Insomniac Games, Microsoft, Digital Pricing, and Nintendo’s latest home console, Wii U. The publication says that Nintendo as a whole are fine, but they believe that the Wii U is technically over as the big hitters failed to substantially drive console sales. Here’s what they have to say.

“Nintendo is fine. But the Wii U is over. It didn’t really begin, to be fair. It’s not going to sell 9 million units in this financial year as predicted by Satoru Iwata. Nintendo has its head in the sand. I will be surprised if the Wii U is in stores next Christmas, apart from knocking around the bargain bins and/or the retro sections, where delusional Nintendo fanboys refuse to accept the inevitable. (Correction he is the delusional Nintendo HATER) Apart from a handful of games that are in Nintendo’s own house there’s nothing to wait for. And that myth that Nintendo games sell Nintendo consoles is clearly just that. It’s a myth. Wind Waker HD, Pikmin and Mario may be great games but they haven’t been system sellers.” (U serious bro? Sales went up from those games…FACT)

“The big question earlier in the year was whether new consoles from Microsoft and Sony would follow suit. They didn’t; both have gotten off to a flying start past the two million mark. Over a year from release and the Wii U is shuffling along with no support from third parties. Again, the Nintendo faithful point to in-house development, but it’s clearly not enough to shift units. Nintendo hasn’t heard the advice to fast fail. This holiday season is the last roll of the dice – the bundles on offer are good value for money – but the system looks out of date sat next to the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. To the consumer it’s not clear what differentiates the Wii U. It looks cheaper, it has a tablet that’s barely used and once again it’s surrounded by those all too familiar cartoon faces. Nintendo preaches to the converted but the converted aren’t enough to sustain the Wii U business.”

“I’ll say it again to be clear; Nintendo is fine, but the Wii U is over.” (HAHAHAHA Wii U doesn’t have Zelda, Smash, Mario Kart just like how Xbox One doesn’t have Halo yet and PS4 doesn’t have Uncharted 4 yet, freaking idiot.)


2 thoughts on “GameIndustry.Biz Believes Wii U Is One Of The Losers Of 2013

    • Its really strange. With the Wii U you have to PLAY it to get it. Then your like this is amazing. PS4 and Xbox One everyone knows what its all about. POWER and GRAPHICS. Wii U is the wild card and they are afraid of it. But even a hater who plays Wii U cant resist it. Even Patcher says he will get a Wii U for Bayonetta 2… And no gamer can resist Smash Bros lol.

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