Shin’en Gives Some Detailed Insight Into All Their Games


One of the most respected Nintendo centric developers Shin’en have given some insight into the development of all of their acclaimed games since Nanostray. Shin’en art director Martin Sauter has written a paragraph on each of their games to give everyone an insight into the development process. You can read his thoughts, right here.

Nano Assault Neo

Due to the close relationship with Nintendo, Shin’en was able to get an early devkit for the WiiU. The plan was to make a game for the console launch. The biggest challenge for this project was the limited development time, as the team needed to port the engine, explore the new capabilities of the hardware, plus add features to make the game an overall better experience. It was smart to use the existing Nano Assault IP, as the game itself was well received by the press, so we could build on mechanics and assets that worked. Additionally we took the opportunity to enhance the game in every aspect, based on input from critics and fans. Visually it was a challenge to use the new CPU and GPU power to push the look to an even crisper and vibrant microscopic world.

Jett Rocket II: The Wrath of Taikai

Jett Rocket – The Wrath of Taikai is the successor to the WiiWare game released in 2010. Originally, we wanted to make a small surfing game, but found out that this did not meet our expections and standardds of an eShop game. While the first title was a 3D action adventure, the second title mixes 2D and 3D platforming and is closer to the classic approach of this genre. The focus was on a varied gameplay experience and much content to meet the high standards of the Nintendo eShop. Artistically, I tried to stay with the shiny and colorful look of the franchise, but make sure that everything still can run fluid on the limited 3DS CPU and GPU unit. This project wasn’t an easy job, as all models and environments needed to meet special gameplay specifications first and sometimes it was hard to find a solution without using too much processing power. In the end, the game turned out nice, but the new knowhow will help too make the next platformer even more appealing and better to play.

These guys are amazing and actually now how to tap into the Wii U to get more or its power. Take note EA and such lol.


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