Shin’en Revealing New Wii U Game In The Coming Weeks


Shin’en Multimedia is set to reveal another Wii U game in the next few weeks, according to art director Martin Sauter. The news comes from Sauter’s personal blog where he speaks of the mixed media reception from Jett Rocket II: The Wrath of Taikai and the company’s upcoming racing title for the Wii U, Fast Racing Neo. Though Sauter’s information was scarce for the undisclosed Wii U title, he did share additional information about Fast Racing Neo, though there’s still no footage at present. Here is their message.

“I can’t post too [much] information at the moment, but I can confirm that this will not be a simple port or remake of the Wii version. It will be a standalone, full new product and we will try to create the most exciting eShop game in 2014.”

I personally am fairly excited for this. This could by as close to F-Zero as we get. Plus Shin’en is a very good quality dev.


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