Nintendo 3DS Getting A Draw Your Own Manga And Comic Books App


This could actually turn out pretty sweet…

Comic Kobo by developer Collavier allows users to draw professional manga and comic books and it’s coming to the Nintendo 3DS in the west. Creative users will be able to have up to 80 Pages on a single save file and have 80 saves. Users will also be able to take snapshots of their work using the Nintendo 3DS camera and also transfer it to the PC. Comic Studio will be available in Japan on January 15th and will cost 800 yen. Hopefully we won’t have to wait too long for the western release.

Comic Kobo allows users to choose a panel layout, and then create multiple layers, add color, and choose a speech bubble type. The app will also feature a gradient button to blur colors, a font button to change size and direction of font, and the ability to modify black-and-white photographs, choose pen thickness, erase lines, and add straight lines, shapes, or sound effects.


60 thoughts on “Nintendo 3DS Getting A Draw Your Own Manga And Comic Books App

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