Nintendo Now Valued As Bigger Company Than Sony (Gasp?)


First of all this has been news for awhile now. Sony lost its North American HQ due to debt, fired 10,000 employees a while back, having their ass kicked by Samsung in the TV market. Sony was bleeding money for 10 long years and even the president of Sony was worried about bankruptcy. While Nintendo has next to no debt and plenty of cash in the bank, $10.6 billion or whatever it was. Nintendo has been a more successful company then Sony for a few years now. Anyway,

News has emerged that suggests Nintendo now has a market value higher than all of Sony combined. Nintendo has recently been performing well for investors as their stock prices are currently on the rise and they have a market capitalisation that now stands at $18.4 billion. The Kyoto based company’s share price has also been boosted by the announcement that China will lift its ban on home consoles. Sony has seen extremely positive sales of the recently released PlayStation 4, but has had some movies perform below expectations such as After Earth and problems at the company’s music and laptop divisions.


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