Guy At EA Says “Nintendo Was Dead To Us Very Quickly” After The Wii U


Before you read the following, let me just say once again its a bunch of BS. We all know they ditched Nintendo after the Origins temper tantrum. And ME3 on Wii U WAS NOT A SOLID EFFORT. And as for Activision COD and Skylanders are kids games and yet they support Nintendo…bunch of assholes lol. Don’t support this company, don’t buy their games and watch as they win WORST COMPANY IN NORTH AMERICA FOR A 3RD YEAR IN A ROW. Anyway read the story below.

CVG has spoken to an EA source that wishes to remain anonymous who has told the publication that “Nintendo was dead to us very quickly.” The source then went on to say that the company felt that the Wii U was becoming a platform for kids IP and that they weren’t interested in bringing future core titles to the struggling platform.

“Nintendo was dead to us very quickly,” one EA source has told everyone when asked about why the publisher fell out with Nintendo so soon after committing to the system.

“It became a kids IP platform and we don’t really make games for kids. That was pretty true across the other labels too. Even the Mass Effect title on Wii U, which was a solid effort, could never do big business, and EA like Activision is only focused on games that can be big franchises”.


49 thoughts on “Guy At EA Says “Nintendo Was Dead To Us Very Quickly” After The Wii U

  1. EA your stupid. With Mass Effect you tryed to import Xbox 360 data of the game to Wii U hardware so it was glitchly and there is no DLC on Wii U version. Then you make these stupid sport games that no one gives a fig about. The only good thing you made to the Wii U is Need for speed most wanted U. That was your only good product. But when you screw up the previous 3 games you make, no one is going to trust you on Need For Speed. It is more like EA is dead in brains.

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