Michael Pachter Thinks Nintendo Should Temporarily Release Games On Xbox One And PlayStation 4

Michael Patcher

FACEPALM SO DAMN HARD. That’s all I can say…enjoy the read, (laugh)

Hated analyst Michael Pachter believes one of the solutions to Nintendo’s dilemma would be to temporarily release their games on competing consoles such as the Xbox One and the PlayStation 4. Pachter thinks that by doing this in the short term – while they’re getting ready to bring a more competitive console to the market – they can then withdraw support and once again focus on their own platform.

So what’s the solution for Nintendo? In Pachter’s opinion, the company must swallow its pride and start publishing its first-rate software on competing platforms. Then, once Nintendo is ready to bring a more competitive console to the market, it can withdraw its support from the other systems and focus on its own platform again.

“We believe that it should reconsider its ‘all proprietary, all the time’ model, and should consider making its proprietary console software available on other platforms until it is able to release a new console. Once Nintendo has a new console on the market, we think it would make sense for the company to pull all of its software from the PS4 and Xbox One, and go back to being a proprietary software maker. In the meantime, we believe that the company has a problem that it is not acknowledging or addressing,”


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