NOE Says Pokemon Bank Will Be Closely Monitored To Prepare For Western Release

Pokemon Bank

What the fuck. Nintendo still not listening. LIGHTEN UP. What does monitoring this do for you? As long as its nothing more then making sure only legit Pokémon are used on the app then that’s fine.

Pokémon Bank relaunched in some Asian territories earlier today – including Japan – but a date for the western release is yet to be decided. Originally the app was removed by Nintendo due to an influx of users accessing the Nintendo Network, bringing the service to a grinding halt.

Due to the complications, Nintendo of Europe has announced via Twitter that both the Pokémon Bank and Transporter will require close monitoring of players’ experiences in order to bring the app over for release in the west. There’s still no telling when Bank and Transporter will arrive in North America and Europe, however. Here’s what Nintendo of Europe said to fans of the series.

“Hi Pokémon fans, sorry it’s taken until now before we could give you an update on Pokémon Bank.

“Pokémon Bank & Poké Transporter services have now resumed operation in various Asian territories incl. Japan.

“We’ll be closely monitoring players’ experiences as we prepare for the European release.

“Once again we want to apologise for the delay, and thank you for your patience and your interest.”


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