Region-Free Hack Can Lead To A Bricked 3DS [No Duh]


Anyone who hacks deserves this, but this is good news to those who break the rules and mod and or hack.

A new way to hack your 3DS’ region lock can lead to the handheld system becoming inoperable, reports suggest. Earlier this month, we reported that hackers had found a way to disable the console’s region lock and enable the use of overseas titles by using a 3DS flash card. But there’s a problem set to leave a nasty after taste for those who use Gateway’s 3DS flash card – one that leaves your device bricked.

After the flash card manufacturer took measures to ensure its technology would no longer be pirated by other users, it installed a new ‘kill switch’ in a recent update. Unfortunately, when users began to tamper with and modify the flash card’s code, the switch was triggered leading to an unusable, bricked console.

Gateway has since issued a statement saying that it is investigating the situation, saying that “flawed copying or modifications of our official launcher firmware” is the main cause. On its official website – though it is currently experiencing technical issues – the company says it ”specifically warn[s] users to avoid clone launcher firmware and avoid the region-free patches made by Normmatt” – the user who initially uncovered the region-free hack.

Though Gateway offers support to genuine customers, those with inoperable devices will have to contact Nintendo directly. And as such, Gateway’s Customer Support Team said the following:

“Our focus is to bring the best experience to genuine Gateway users. We can confirm that NO Gateway user had any issue with their console or their Gateway card.

“We do not answer rumors, speculations and other tactics from people who are not even real competitors but simply companies stealing our hard work. It would be just taking away our time from what we owe our customers: Bringing them a better and better experience with Gateway new firmware, functions and compatibility.

“If you are not a Gateway customer, please simply contact your product manufacturer. We only offer warranty and support for [a] genuine Gateway card.”


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