A Major UK Retailer Says Mario Kart 8 Is The Last Chance for Wii U


I say 2014 is the last chance for Wii U. Not just MK8. If Bayonetta 2, X, MK8, Smash Bros, Zelda HD, Yoshi Land U, Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze. Fire Emblem X Shin Megami Tensei, and maybe even Miyamoto’s game, if none of that helps Wii U, THEN ITS GAME OVER FOR THE WII U. Anyway read the story below.

MCV has spoken to one of the biggest names in UK retail who has told the trade publication that Mario Kart 8 and a substantial price cut are needed to save the Wii U. [Price Cut? Again? HELL NO, wont help and wont do a damn thing] The retailer called for Nintendo to reduce the price of the console to sub-£200 if it’s to have a chance of competing against the competition.

“A sub-£200 machine will help, and Mario Kart is desperately needed to reach the fans,” said the games boss of one of the UK’s biggest retailers. “We also need something revolutionary that makes use of the second screen and has mainstream appeal, which is easier said than done.”

“There is only one real last chance for Wii U and it is Mario Kart 8. It could still be the game that sparks interest in Wii U, but it would need to be combined with a more mass market retail price.”


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