EA’s Peter Moore Says Don’t Trust Anonymous Sources, Nintendo Is A Great Partner [Uhh…Sure]


Okay so apparently according to Peter here, that last story about EA killing Wii U support was phony…He claims EA and Nintendo have a great partnership…Well Peter, if that’s true where is all your crappy sports games on Wii U? Mass Effect Trilogy? Need For Speed Rivals? Unless you secretly will reveal games like the “Mirrors Edge” reboot is coming to Wii U? Course the only EA game in the future I can see coming to Wii U is Starwars Battlefront, Shocker I know but the thing is, Disney owns Starwars. Disney actually likes Nintendo…ALOT. So Disney will FORCE EA to put Battlefront on Wii U. That’s just what I think, anyway, story is below.

Peter Moore, the Chief Operating Officer of Electronic Arts, has taken to Twitter to speak out about the article published by CVG. The article had a quote from an anonymous source at the company who said that “Nintendo was dead to us very quickly” after the Wii U.

Don’t trust “anonymous sources”. Nintendo’s a great partner. They never have been, and never will be, ‘dead’ to EA…


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