GameStop in Italy Is Apparently Telling Customers That Watch Dogs For Wii U Is Canceled?

Watch Dogs

This is NOT CONFIRMED by Ubisoft, but let me just say IT BETTER NOT BE TRUE. I have the Wii U version pre-ordered and paid off so it better be coming. I don’t support Ubisoft anyway, Watch Dogs was the only game of theirs that caught my eye. If it gets canceled for Wii U, I wont have any support left for them. Anyway lol, read below for the story.

Italian Nintendo blog Wii Italia is reporting that GameStop stores across Italy are telling customers that the Wii U version has been cancelled by Ubisoft. The rumour originally came from one of their readers who tried to pre-order the game at multiple GameStop stores in Italy, so the site decided to phone the stores and place pre-orders but were told that Ubisoft has cancelled the game on the platform.

I hope Ubisoft will do something about this soon. We STILL haven’t even seen any Wii U gameplay of the game…Will it turn into another Aliens Colonial Marines where they say the Wii U version is the best then it never even comes out cause it sucks so bad? I hope not lol.


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