Kotaku Says GameStop [USA] Now Cancelling Watch Dogs Wii U Pre-Orders

Watch Dogs

This is getting strange. Ubisoft better not actually be cancelling it. I say its BS still cause my EB Games here in Canada hasn’t said any such news to me.

Kotaku is now reporting that GameStop in the US is following GameStop Italy and has begun telling customers that it is no longer taking pre-orders for the Wii U version of Watch Dogs. The retail chain will begin asking customers whether they wish to switch the Wii U version to another format. The rumour broke yesterday that the Italian chain of GameStop were informing those that wanted to pre-order the Wii U version of the game that it’s cancelled. A Ubisoft representative said earlier today that “We have nothing to comment at the moment.”

Update: Kotaku has contacted two GameStop stores in the US that say they’re still taking pre-orders. Joystiq says that the Italian branch of GameStop told them that the de-listing of a Wii U version of the game was an error and reservations will begin tomorrow. Let’s hope Ubisoft lets everyone know what’s going on.


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