Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate Coming To North America In Early 2015 [OMG]

So North America doesn’t get MH4…instead Capcom makes us wait A WHOLE OTHER YEAR for Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate, This is still a 3DS exclusive so don’t be hoping for a Wii U version. This is both good news, that we are getting it but bad news cause we have to wait a freaking year…

Capcom has today confirmed that Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate for Nintendo 3DS will be heading to North America in early 2015.


31 thoughts on “Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate Coming To North America In Early 2015 [OMG]

  1. I have heard a bunch of retards saying that MH4U won’t come to North America because Capcom will go out of buisness by the time of its release date. Yeah right is the way I feel about this.

    • It is very likely Capcom will go bankrupt sooner rather then later. But not in 1 years time. However I don’t know if Capcom will last this full generation. By they time the 9th gen systems come out I don’t think they will be around. Unless they also can fix their shit lol. Its easy though. All they have to do is MAKE MEGAMAN GAMES AND NOT CANCEL THEM.

  2. I was just thinking of the retards on miiverse that go,”Sakurai! Release smash bros right now!” The game will feature 7 characters all in there unfixed bug ways and no one could forget about the stage they didn’t finish.Ya,intelligent right? Also, this airrhead on miiverse said,”How to save the Wii U. Each Wii U owner should own at least 3 Wii U’s” How about no.

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