Sony Officially Buys Factory Producing Wii U’s DRAM


Well this should be interesting…Sony owns holds the manufacturing plant that makes a key part of the Wii U…

Sony’s purchase of the Renesas Electronics semiconductor manufacturing plant at Tsuruoka has gone ahead and the company has signed an agreement with Renesas to finalise the deal. The manufacturing plant manufactures the DRAM chip that is found in the Wii U, so many were wondering what Nintendo will do once the deal is finalised. Well, it looks as though Nintendo will be able to have the DRAM produced by Sony at Tsuruoka. This will probably happen until the production shifts to Renesas plant in Naka, or alternatively, Nintendo finds a new partner.


3 thoughts on “Sony Officially Buys Factory Producing Wii U’s DRAM

    • Not sure. But the company is a well known one. Sony might just want to help it out cause it helps Sony aswell. Japan sticking together. (Nintendo and Sony) It benefits Sony and Nintendo. Though hopefully Sony doesn’t pull a dick move and start charging Nintendo for that part. Or No more Wii U’s will be made until Nintendo can find a new partner.

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