Nintendo Talks About Downplaying Technical Specifications


Gameplay>Graphics as we all know. Specs should never matter to the GAMER.

We all know that Nintendo refuses to disclose its technical specifications for its handhelds and consoles and would rather consumers play and enjoy them without worrying whether they are spectacularly powerful or not. Interestingly, Nintendo senior managing director Genyo Takeda spoke with investors and explained how Nintendo tries not to emphasise the raw technical specifications, but instead looks at how the company can use technology to amplify the value of their entertainment offerings.

“Mr. Iwata just explained that Nintendo leads an integrated hardware-software business. To put it differently, combining technology with entertainment creates machines. Under such circumstances, Nintendo tries not to emphasize the raw technical specifications of our hardware. We have focused on how we can use technology to amplify the value of our entertainment offerings, and in this sense, technology for us is something that stays in the background. Therefore, I do not wish to make excuses for having so far failed to offer the “amplifier” that our consumers can regard as having true entertainment value. Whether a machine is powerful or not only has meaning in the context of whether that can express itself in terms of gameplay to consumers, and I therefore do not intend to go into fine detail about the specific numbers. I apologize for not directly answering your question, but it is my personal belief that explanations of such a nature have little relevance to consumers.”


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