Ubisoft Says Watch Dogs Has Been Delayed On Wii U [Son Of A Bitch!]

Watch Dogs

Well…fuck you Ubisoft. This is the Rayman Legends bullshit all over again. It was 2 weeks away from being released then you delayed it 9 months so you could port it to other systems and break the exclusiveness of it being on Wii U only. Now the Wii U version gets delayed. I’m thinking there never was a Wii U version to begin with…Ubisoft how sad is it that their is only 1 game of your’s I like and you fuck it up.

Ubisoft has announced today that the Wii U version of Watch Dogs has been delayed. The game is still coming out on Xbox One, Xbox 360, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3 and PC sometime between April and June 2014. It’s just the Wii U version that has been delayed until an unspecified date. Ubisoft didn’t reveal why the game has been delayed on the platform.


8 thoughts on “Ubisoft Says Watch Dogs Has Been Delayed On Wii U [Son Of A Bitch!]

  1. It’s actually kind of funny that games are only delayed for Wii U because it’s only Wii U which is dumber then a bag of rocks. Oh, and to that guy that said OBAsucks*******, here is a little message to you. “Your a absolute waste of space on this earth that sits around trying to be a total butt wipe who can’t do a single thing right in your more then screwed up life. And if you love someone in your entire life, then I have no idea how they could love you back.” Now this may break your conduct OBA, but this is how I seriously feel about people like him.

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