Nintendo Direct Review

You can watch my review of the Direct above. I wont post EVERYTHING cause that would take to damn long lol. But Overall people are whining cause they got their hopes up to high, if you thought Zelda HD or Metroid or something would be there, then your an idiot. I thought it was a solid Direct I gave it a 7.5/10. Not as good as the big January Direct last year but still a solid one.

For me the highlights were:

Kirby Triple Deluxe : Coming May 2nd
Monolith Soft X: Badass gameplay video.
Bayonetta 2: New Trailer looks great.
Mario Kart 8: Coming May 30th and the 7 koopalings are in.
Smash Bros: Little Mac as a character is meh.

A release MONTH would have been nice for X and Bayonetta but it was good none the less.


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