Is the Wii U more powerful than previously thought? [Facepalm]

Zelda HD

A new look at the Wii U hardware digs into what it’s capable of and whether or not third party developers are utilizing its full potential.

[Of course they aren’t…]

The Wii U has been available for a little over a full year now and despite that, there’s still a lot of mystery surrounding just how powerful the console really is. According to some new pieces of information uncovered, the Wii U could be more powerful than previously thought just from examining the internals of the system. For starters, the Wii U was developed under a shroud of secrecy, which led the internet to run rampant with rumors about its capabilities well before any dev kits or retail machines made it into the hands of consumers.

[Internet ran rampant…Michael Patcher lol]

New information that’s been pointed out include the fact that Renesas Electronics, later merged with NEC, is responsible for the Wii U semiconductor just as they were responsible for the Xbox 360 semiconductor. New semiconductor tech produced in 2012 is logically going to be better than that produced in 2004, when the Xbox 360 was still in development.

According to some sleuthing by the folks over at CinemaBlend, the Wii U’s eDRAM should be capable of much more output than that of the Xbox 360.


When taking into consideration the new information and the Wii U’s total bandwidth of gigabytes per second, the Wii U should clock in at around 563.2GB per second. For comparison, the Xbox One runs at about 170GB per second of bandwidth between DDR3 and eSRAM.

[That’s right the Wii U is almost 5 times better then the Xbox One in this area]

This explanation could show why the Wii U is capable of hitting 1080/60fps on titles with developers who are comfortable working with the hardware.

[Shin’en. Nintendo, Monolith Soft, Platinum Games and so forth.]

While others struggle and make excuses as to why 1080p gaming isn’t possible on Nintendo’s latest console.

[EA, Bathesda and others]

Of course, there’s plenty of speculation about specs and the semiconductor technology behind the Wii U, so check out the full piece to see the conclusion. The fact is, the Wii U isn’t nearly as much of a flop hardware-wise as certain third party developers are attempting to paint.

[No duh, what have I been saying. I tell people the truth and what happens? I’m apparently lying cause they just want to hate Nintendo. It seems some media is actually doing some damn research.]


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