Behind the Scenes Video For Sonic Boom

Sega America have uploaded a Sonic Boom behind the scenes video which can be viewed above. The video documents the development process and speaks to a number of key players on the team. Sonic Boom is exclusive to the Nintendo 3DS and Wii U and is the third and final game in Sega’s exclusivity agreement with Nintendo.

I have to say this game is actually looking pretty good. I haven’t been a big Sonic fan much, I really liked the Genesis Sonic games and the last Sonic game I liked was Sonic And The Secret Rings. I might just get this game. I also think it is a high chance that Sega will extend the Nintendo exclusive deal with Sonic. We all know eventually Sonic will be Nintendo only. Also the Sonic Boom cartoon looks great to. I might check it out what about you?


26 thoughts on “Behind the Scenes Video For Sonic Boom

    • Last chance for what? For Sonic maybe. But Sega is doing fine right now. They aren’t doing amazing but they aren’t doing bad. Sonic though…Sonic has been suffering for awhile now. If Sonic Boom isn’t great then I could see Sega not doing Sonic for awhile…which is a good thing cause Sega makes Sonic as much as Nintendo makes Mario lol. They both need a break.

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