Wii U’s Lifetime Sales Surpass Xbox 360 In Japan [Dang…]


Well we all know Xbox is basically useless in Japan…getting like 800 sales in every chart we see lol. But The Wii U which has been out for a bit over a year has past the 7-8 year long amount the Xbox 360 had. That’s just silly.

This week’s Media Create sales came as no surprise with the PlayStation 4, bundled with Knack, dominating the software and hardware charts. However, beady eyes have noted that the Wii U has now overtaken the Xbox 360′s lifetime sales in Japan. Currently, the Wii U stands at 1,643,095 units – with a steady 7-8k sold each week – while the Xbox 360 lifetime to date sales clocks in at 1,641,528 units.


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