Retro Studios Says “We’ll Be Lucky” To Someday Return To Metroid [Hmm…]


Well now…if they aren’t working on Metroid…then that means that are reviving something else…Starfox? F-Zero? Who knows. But I think this is just trying to throw us off. It just seems to suspicious…Retro did DK and showed off Cranky at VGX and Reggie was wearing a Metroid pin…just seems like they are doing Metroid. We can all agree its NOT a new IP. Retro was NOT made to make new IP’s.

In an interview with US Gamer, Retro Studios, Michael Kelbaugh said that the talented development team would be lucky to get the chance to work on another game in the Metroid franchise. We already heard last week that Retro Studios have been busy developing a new game since development of Donkey Kong Tropical Freeze ended back in November.

“You’re not going to find a larger bunch of Metroid of Metroid Prime fans than at Retro studios. We’ll be lucky to someday, maybe, work on another one. There’s a lot of people in the studio left over from Metroid Prime that are very passionate about Metroid… If the fans keep asking, then maybe we’ll answer.”


2 thoughts on “Retro Studios Says “We’ll Be Lucky” To Someday Return To Metroid [Hmm…]

    • Would be nice, but still wouldn’t be the same as the Prime games before. The lead designer, and lead level designer are over at 343i and making Halo 5. So Prime 4 wouldn’t look anything like the past games.

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