Mario Kart 8 Limited Edition Announced For Europe [I WANT THIS]

Nintendo Europe have revealed via Twitter that they will be releasing a limited edition version of Mario Kart 8 in Europe. The limited edition version comes complete with a Blue Shell Collector’s Item. Mario Kart 8 is due to be released in North America and Europe, May 30th.

Man…I love this, I hope it comes to North America, course it will be like the Windwaker HD Limited Edition I will have to pull some strings to get one myself, since my EB Games, never gets special edition Nintendo games lol. This is what Nintendo should be doing though. We don’t get DLC, or 3rd party games, or limited editions of certain games then Nintendo SHOULD BE MAKING SPECIAL EDITIONS WITH BADASS NINTENDO STUFF. Keep it up Nintendo, this could help Wii U a fair bit. I expect to see a Smash Bros special edition for Wii U. Maybe an exclusive costume for characters or something lol.


4 thoughts on “Mario Kart 8 Limited Edition Announced For Europe [I WANT THIS]

    • What was the DK thing? The Skiing Trip contest? And are you Canadian? I haven’t had a special Nintendo edition or pre-order bonus since Windwaker HD…and I had to pull strings just to get myself one. Before that it was like a year before with the Mario Kart 7 pins lol. The UK always gets Nintendo bonuses…and the UK hates Nintendo the most lol.

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