Ubisoft Says Watch Dogs Wii U Has “Been Paused” While They Concentrate On Other Versions

Watch Dogs

Watch Dogs creative director Jonathan Morin has told Eurogamer that the Wii U version has been paused while the team develop the Xbox One, Xbox 360, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3 and PC versions of the game. Once development has ceased on those versions, which are due out May 27th, then work will apparently resume on the Wii U build. Ubisoft said earlier that there’s “a possibility” that the Wii U version of Watch Dogs will come out in 2014.

“It’s been paused,” Morin states of the Wii U build, “which means delayed.”

“There were some very talented programmers working on it and, when we started to point at the things we needed to fix, we needed those guys and their experience. It was a logical choice to say – let’s get those people, let’s pause the Wii U thing, let’s make sure the experience is where we wanted to be.”

Once other versions are done, “then Wii U can get back into place,” he concludes.

1st of all “Paused” means delayed, but what I don’t get is, if you say someone else entirely is making the Wii U version, why pause it? What are they doing then? Admit it Ubisoft, the game was never in the works for Wii U, and your playing catch up to have a version on it. Guess what though, to little to late. I and almost all other Wii U owners no longer care.


2 thoughts on “Ubisoft Says Watch Dogs Wii U Has “Been Paused” While They Concentrate On Other Versions

    • lol and the people who say sales wont be much…then release it a bit early on Wii U that will get some people to get it on Wii U. But nope most of the big names in gaming have lost their damn mind. Ubisoft doesn’t want to capitalize on the Wii U, Capcom ignores Megaman which would bail them out of their money problem, Nintendo makes stupid moves and ignores fans, Sony has been failing for 10 years due to no longer innovating and just copying I mean seriously what has happened to everyone???

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