I Quit Miiverse, I Quit Defending Nintendo, I Just Quit!!!





So if your wondering what the deal is, its rather simple once more a post of mine was struck by an admin for hateful and bullying. What post? I simply said “Tony, that post was pointless.” Rather then continue to be driven mad by the assholes known as admins, I have simply decided to quit. No this isn’t Nin-Dragon being killed off again. I will forever be Nin-Dragon via Twitter, Twitch, Youtube and such. This is simply me quiting Miiverse, quitting defending Nintendo, and just quitting in general.

Don’t fret, Originalbloodace will continue to live on, My Youtube channel will continue to march on without issue, my Twitter, and Twitch and the OBA Forums will always live. The OBA Army is not dead, nor gone it simply will no longer use Miiverse. This is a final statement. ANYONE in the OBA Army who uses Miiverse still, I will treat that as your resignation. You will no longer be a member of the OBA ARMY.

Stick around for more news, and videos and all that good stuff.



30 thoughts on “I Quit Miiverse, I Quit Defending Nintendo, I Just Quit!!!

  1. If my accounts RobertSr3rd and RobertSr4th get PERMABANNED! Then I’m quitting miiverse because of those stupid admins!!

  2. You were responding to me because i gave you the link to a post and i agree it was pointless. Also i did not report you.

  3. Will you still message friends? I still need to add you on your Sad-Nin-Dragon account (this is Stevegolfer777).

  4. “It is I, Nin-Dragon, the liberator of Miiverse! I strive to purge the sinister villains from Miiverse as a mission of my righteous crusade! I use only the most honest of methods, being pure and whole, through and through! I shall rain revenge and counter-trolling to remove the nuisances that run free among the Miiverse plains! There shall be no man who can stand to my truthful blade!”

    I’m sorry, but when you call yourself a god repeatedly, you lose every morsel of credibility you have.

  5. I sent this to Ninnytendo via survey:

    “I have a bunch of complaints:
    *My posts have not been hateful. The claims that they are are double standards that forces me to be cautious about what I say in the first place, THANK YOU VERY MUCH FOR THE PARANOIA.
    *You haven’t touch posts like this:
    I know because you also hadn’t touched a topic long ago where a pic was taken out of context to make a story where the 2 characters (Dark Pit and Amazon Pandora) involved have sex with each other and it isn’t even subtle about it. I reported THAT and you hadn’t touched it. That is absolutely unacceptable.
    *While I’m on the subject of the post, I can’t even report it for being hateful (IRONIC THAT) because, oh yeah, I’M BANNED. Thanks for enabling cowards who would gladly kick people when they’re down.
    *The no contact info rule is an antisocial rule at its finest. It just screams narcissistic, and considering my username, that makes that much clear.
    *Oh yeah, and your support was absolutely rude by interrupting me every time I was trying to make a damn point.

    “In short, YOU are the ones who need to reevaluate YOUR behavior.”

    Oh, and just in case the post DOES get modded, here’s what it says:
    “Maybe MKDH trash talks this game so much because he’s not good at it. I’ve played him and he’s not really that good. :P”

    Basically, a claim that I suck at Kid Icarus Uprising. When I came up with Grid Reading to begin with, that can’t hope to hold water. I call KIU the hell out because it’s simply beyond imbalanced and its rabid fanbase is absolutely toxic.

    Miifirst needs to be called the hell out for shit like this. Ninnytendo has general problems nowadays with sell-out bullshit, but this backwards brand of bullshit doesn’t even serve ANY halfway sensible purpose to THEM. All it does is enable the examples of Kids Are Cruel or Teens Are Monsters.

    We need the people against Miifirst to unite if Miifirst’s tyranny is to be brought down.

    (And I’m going to X-Post this where I can.)

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