Sony Pulls A Fast One On Canadian’s, PS4 Goes Up $50


So starting today (March 15th) the PS4 here in Canada will go up to $450. That will ultimately hurt Sony in Canada and that is something Sony cannot afford to do. I should have seen this coming. I thought Sony has actually learned from the PS3 but nope. The Xbox One here in Canada can still be relatively easy to find cause $500 is just to much for a crappy system. But now the PS4 will be on shelves here in Canada quite easily I believe. I no longer know if I will get a PS4.

I forgot to add that PS4 games will be $70 (FOR CANADA ONLY) from now on starting with Infamous Second Son.

So for me to buy a PS4 with a year of PSN it would cost me $522.48 and if I were to buy the Xbox One with a year of XBL it would cost me $584.98 that means the PS4 would be $62.50 cheaper….that’s 1 game…Although buying a PS4 game would be $72.98 so in reality the Xbox One would be cheaper in the long run…

Fucking hell Sony, why did you bitch slap Canada? Expect to see PS4 sales plummet in Canada. PS4’s will be sitting on shelves like how some Xbox One’s are.

Microsoft sucks, Nintendo sucks, now Sony fucks up. WHAT IS HAPPENING IN THIS WORLD??? I want a CANADIAN GAME CONSOLE!!!


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