Peter Molyneux Says Nintendo May Have Lost Its Way, But Don’t Count Them Out

The Fable creator says that while Nintendo may have lost its way, they should never be counted out. Molyneux was asked by the publication at this week’s Game Developers Conference, as to what Nintendo can do to turn around the company’s fortunes. Here’s what he had to say.

“Well, I mean the problem with Nintendo is that they did a fantastic job of finding these millions of new players with Wii. And the Wii U, it kind of does that but also tries to bring in the existing gamers as well, so I think they may have lost their way a bit”.

“But they are super smart people. Never underestimate Nintendo. They are probably one hardware release away from something that utterly convinces us that they know exactly what the future of gaming should be. I wouldn’t ordain to give them advice”.

While this guy is one to talk about losing your way…Its nice to see someone actually say Nintendo has lost their way instead of just straight up insulting them.


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