Mario Vs Donkey Kong Wii U – GDC Web Framework Demo



29 thoughts on “Mario Vs Donkey Kong Wii U – GDC Web Framework Demo

  1. (It is me, the same Isaac Persona guy.) Nintendo confirmed that this wasn’t turning into a game, but rather just a tech-demo that showcases the gamepads capability. I thought it was a great choice to do to show-off the gamepad’s potential. But if they make it a game, I will get super mad.

  2. “It is I, Nin-Dragon, the liberator of Miiverse! I strive to purge the sinister villains from Miiverse as a mission of my righteous crusade! I use only the most honest of methods, being pure and whole, through and through! I shall rain revenge and counter-trolling to remove the nuisances that run free among the Miiverse plains! There shall be no man who can stand to my truthful blade!”

    I’m sorry, but when you call yourself a god repeatedly, you lose every morsel of credibility you have.

    • He and I are no longer friends. He got Plants Vs Zombies Garden Warfare on the Xbox 360 and I wont associate myself with people who pay money to EA. Supporting them is supporting the absolute worst of the gaming industry.

      • I don’t get anything EA I actually don’t play very much video games just nintendo games kingdom hearts and minecraft I don’t even own an x box but why would I cause I live in Japan

      • Wow, you throw away one of your most loyal fans because he got a game. Metal has Battlefield 4, better delete him for that. Even Metal said that was a really dumb reason to delete me. I can play whatever I want. It’s my money, not yours. Well, guess I’m another Xavier, aren’t I? Just one more thing. I’d like to call and remind you, you don’t matter.

      • Metal doesn’t play BF4 anymore. Metal is not a kid and he had a limited amount of games to chose from with the PS4. Much like how I don’t like Ubisoft yet I got ZombiU for the Wii U at launch. I don’t care if metal thinks it’s a dumb reason, metal has seen me do this over the years before. You are like the other kids from the past I have removed. Although at least that 1 guy MasterOfCOD got a bit more mature and asked why I always remove him from my party, I said cause we don’t get along and their is no point in being in a party when we don’t get along, so he said that’s fair. Life is made up of choices, I made a choice and you don’t like that choice. That’s fine. That’s your right. But to get all mad at me for making a choice is unnecessary. Now I understand my former friend no longer wanting to be friends anymore. We just don’t have enough in common. You can play whatever you want that’s fine. But I am allowed to set up my own rules. As for the Dr. Phil thing, once more you steal my joke.

      • We did have a good run. But if you no longer wish to be friends, I respect that. I just don’t want to end this off on a bad note. I may check up on the site every once in awhile. Other than that, farewell I suppose.

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