Nintendo Is Skipping PAX East 2014


Nintendo of America have confirmed today that they won’t be attending this year’s PAX East event, which is taking place April 11th to April 13th.

Normally Nintendo of America has always been at PAX East so it comes as a shock that they won’t be attending this year.

In my opinion its because they simply don’t have anything to show off at Pax East…No point bringing MK8. Other then Zelda HD which is saved for E3 there is nothing new to show off…Now this does raise concern though. Pax East is not for the casuals but for the most hardcore dedicated fans of not only games, but comics and entertainment. It seems Nintendo is still ignoring their core fans and if you are one of the idiots who think Nintendo is focusing on their core then your in denial like no other. Whats next though? Nintendo wont be at E3? With Nintendo’s focus on QOL more could it be that Iwata wants to steer Nintendo a bit away from being a gaming company? Lets hope not.


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