Sonic Boom Will Enable Split-Screen Gaming On GamePad And TV With Enhanced CryEngine 3

Sonic Boom

In an interview the game’s development team boasts talent from the likes of Naughty Dog, High Impact Games and Heavy Iron Studios and has enhanced the standard version of CryEngine 3, in order to provide the best for fans of the SEGA franchise on the Wii U. Rafai says CryEngine 3 cannot normally utilise split-screen gaming but, due to working with the engine’s creator, the team has managed to feature a split-screen display both on the GamePad and the TV.

“You associate CryEngine with lush, tropical, beachy things. These are also things with which Sonic is associated, so they work together. We worked in close contact with Crytek in Germany, and the team there is pretty excited about that as well. In the end, it was simply the right choice for the project.”


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