Nintendo Is Being Sued (AGAIN) This Time For Its Multi-Screen Technology In The Wii U


Secure Axcess LLC is suing Nintendo of America and its distribution partners, including Walmart, Best Buy, Target, ToysRus, and Amazon for “unlawfully” distributing the Wii U with its patent infringing technology. According to the lawsuit, the Wii U infringes on a patent for “multi-screen personal computer display method and apparatus.” The case has been filed in Texas and the company is seeking compensatory damages and costs.

I find this hilarious, Nintendo is getting sued once a year it seems. Yet they almost always win. Anyway here are the details.

Secure Axcess LLC v Nintendo of America Inc. et al Case No. 2:14-cv-00284

Plaintiff Secure Axcess is a Texas limited liability company with an office located in Plano.

The defendants in the suit are Nintendo of America Inc., Nintendo Co. Ltd., Micro Electronics Inc., Hastings Entertainment Inc., Game Stop Corp., Wal-Mart Stores Inc., Wal-Mart Stores Texas LLC, Best Buy Stores LP, LLC, K Mart Corp., Target Corp., Toys “R” Us-Delaware Inc. and Inc.

The defendants are accused of infringing on U.S. Patent No. 6,522,309 issued Feb. 18, 2003, for a Multiscreen Personal Computer Display Method and Apparatus. The alleged infringement occurs by the defendants selling Nintendo’s Wii U Console System without license or authorization.

The plaintiff is seeking compensatory damages, costs, interest and other relief. A jury trial is demanded.

The plaintiff is represented by James E. Davis of Ferguson Braswell & Fraser PC in Plano, Kelly Kubasta of Klemchuck Kubasta LLP in Dallas and Carl R. Roth of the Roth Law Firm in Marshall.


6 thoughts on “Nintendo Is Being Sued (AGAIN) This Time For Its Multi-Screen Technology In The Wii U

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