[Site News] I’m Replacing The Ban Hammer, With Something new.


Say hello to the new justice system of the obaforums. These 3 are the hounds of justice. Now while this actually changes nothing, its just something a bit different. All sites always use the term “ban hammer” so just to be different if someone is to be banned, then I will unleash the hounds of justice on them. All who are guilty will fall to the hounds.

Believe in the hounds of justice!


2 thoughts on “[Site News] I’m Replacing The Ban Hammer, With Something new.

  1. I love how that stupid 3 year-old roblox kiddie thinks he can bully you around on youtube. It’s truly pathedic. I remember when I was 3 and I wasn’t a total barnacle brain. Why are children so stupid now a days?

    • I don’t have any memories from when I was 3 lol. I can remember back to kindergarten so that was 5 years old. My life before that I have no memories of lol. But when I was in kindergarten I recall everyone was nice, except make getting a block thrown at you or you got called poopy head by another kid lol. Man the days when I was a kid we were all about having fun with friends…no being an annoying asshole. And yes that kid tried to pick a fight with me. Anyone can if they wish, but I wont back down.

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