Surprise Mario Kart 8 Nintendo Direct Today, And It Was Pretty Bad.

Well there was a surprise Nintendo Direct today all about MK8, I can guarantee you there wont be another one before E3. Anyway in MY opinion it was a shitty direct. Decent news in it but the presentation was shit. And Nintendo poking fun at us saying “Hmm Nintendo actually listened to us” or whatever the guy said, yeah fuck you Nintendo. Until I see a Starfox game you aren’t listening to shit. Anyway you can watch the Direct above, but here is a few key points from the direct.

New Items:
Super Horn: Spins out enemies in the area around you, and destroys Blue Shells…uhg.

New Characters:
Baby Rosalina – Meh that’s fine
Pink Gold Peach – What…the…fuck??? Talk about useless lol.

Game Chat is in fact NOT game chat but a useless pre-text selection chat in the lobby. – Fucking Nintendo…they fucked up again.

Can upload Miiverse to Youtube and Miiverse. – Good if you don’t have a capture card, but I do so meh. Also don’t know the length of the videos you can upload.

Exclusive Miiverse stamp unlocked by beating a developers time in time trial. – Fucking Miiverse.

Free Digital game when you register MK8 on Club Nintendo by July 30th – WWHD, Pikmin 3, Super Mario Bros U, Wii Party U.

Mario Kart 8 Wii U bundle.

That’s about it. Apologies if I missed anything. You can watch my video to hear my thoughts on the direct. Oh yeah, why the fuck was Iwata back in this Direct? Remember the Smash Bros direct? GREAT DIRECT CAUSE NO IWATA!!! The Reggie video was great, NO IWATA. See the point? Fuck off Iwata. I don’t want to see you till E3, where you make your final stand.


21 thoughts on “Surprise Mario Kart 8 Nintendo Direct Today, And It Was Pretty Bad.

  1. Hey OBA, I have an extra mario golf club nintendo code that I am unable to use, so do you want it? If you do, I will send it to you through messages on miiverse. (to OBA-Nin-Dragon)

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