TIME Doesn’t Think Nintendo Can Save The Wii U


Publication TIME doesn’t think that there’s a possibility that Nintendo can save its struggling Wii U console. The piece was written after Nintendo announced today that overall net sales fell from last year’s 635.4 billion yen (£3.6bn) to this year’s 571.7 billion yen (£3.3bn). The company posted a 23.2B yen loss. Here’s what the publication has to say.

“Nintendo’s Wii U, in contrast, lacks compelling specs, a sweetheart price or a historical PlayStation 2-equivalent to build on. It’s in the same ballpark as the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, oomph-wise, but that’s not what gamers who’ve lived with Sony and Microsoft’s systems for the past six or seven years were looking for in November 2012, nor what seems to be moving them now. The Wii U’s price hasn’t helped matters: $350 at launch, for the only version you’d care to own, the sticker probably forced up by Nintendo’s pricey pseudo-tablet pack-in. The message Nintendo seemed to be sending was this: spend more than you would for an Xbox 360 or PlayStation 3—each of those systems sporting massive libraries flush with acclaimed titles—on a backwards-looking system without a game-changing system-seller. The Wii U has yet to find its Super Mario 64 or Wii Sports.”

“Nintendo’s problem is that it’s in that deadliest of platform catch-22s, where you need a slew of standout, signature games to make your case, leveraged by third-party support for all of the triple-A multi-platform titles. The company has too few of the former and a shrinking dearth of the latter at this point. Third parties have either abandoned the system or failed to sign up for duty in the first place, their worries doubtless confirmed for the second cycle running with these latest fiscal results.”

“And that’s why people aren’t buying the Wii U. Enthusiasts view it as anemic, casual gamers see it as overpriced and there simply aren’t enough diehards loyal to the beloved Nintendo brand to make up those deficiencies. The proof is in those figures.”

Similar to what I have said, there is no “saving” the Wii U. Simply drag it through the generation.


10 thoughts on “TIME Doesn’t Think Nintendo Can Save The Wii U

  1. Im back! I haven’t been on here in 2 weeks or so. I apologize. I’m going to try and contribute more often. Besides that, Would you like my Club Nintendo code for Yoshi’s New Island? I have no use for it.

    • Hey, yeah sure if you want, send it to me via the contact us, or on the Miiverse. (I can still check my messages on it) Also since you have been go for 2 weeks you probably missed The Adventures Of Nin-Dragon being added to the site and I copied it over from Miiverse, a few tweaks have been made, and a new chapter was put up. I will be doing chapter 11 tonight.

      • Sorry for the late reply! I read it all and it was great! Keep up the good work OBA.

      • Sorry about that I have been busy with college finals and work. I work at BestBuy and I’m a part time developer. The last two weeks have been shit. I’ll be on more often because of my summer break coming up.

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