Mario Kart 8 Dev Team Says They Pushed Wii U To Its “Limits”


Speaking in the latest edition of EDGE magazine, Mario Kart 8 director Kosuke Yabuki says that the team pushed the Wii U to its limits while developing the beautiful racer. However, he told the publication that there’s still plenty of potential left in the Wii U.

“Our aim was to create a game that used HD graphics and played at a smooth 60fps. We pushed Wii U’s capabilities to their limits to achieve this. [But] I think it still has a lot of potential left, and I suspect there are more ways to make use of its capabilities that we haven’t even imagined.”

Let me explain what this means to those who are confused with what he said. What he most likely means is that THEY have maxed out what they could do with MK8. Lets be honest, what else could be done to improve upon it from a hardware perspective? Its 1080p which is the best any 8th gen console can do, its 60fps which no 8th gen system goes past that. And it looks amazing, why I see some people bitching about MK8 being the best the Wii U can do I have no clue.


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