Michael Pachter Thinks Nintendo Will Have The Most Announcements At E3

Michael Patcher

Online gaming publication Gamingbolt has had a lengthy interview with analyst Michael Pachter which covers a number of topics. Surprisingly, Pachter believes that Nintendo will have the most new announcements at E3 this year out of the big three. Pachter also mentioned in the interview that despite Nintendo’s struggles with the Wii U and the slowing down 3DS sales he very much doubts they will ever go third-party. Here’s some extracts from the interview.

Right. So, basically, you said that Nintendo will have the biggest content based announcements at E3 this year, especially compared to Sony or Microsoft.

Michael Pachter: Yeah, I think so. I mean, I think we are so overdue for some Smash Bros. and/or Mario Kart, I think we’ll see them, I think they’ll be playable, and I think they have to have them out by this holiday. I mean, if they don’t get these games ready soon, then you can just forget the Wii U. It’s like, come on: how many years does it take after launch to have one of your core, highest selling franchises out?

Personally I do think Mario Kart and Smash Bros. will ignite some interest in the console.

Michael Pachter: Yeah, I do too, and I mean, 5 or 10 million units, yes, but not 30 million units, not 50 million, they’re not going to catch up. But they won’t go third party, so the answer to your question is, no, I don’t think they’ll go third party. I think they’ve convinced themselves, I mean, I think they’d rather pursue their health and fitness initiative.

No shit Nintendo has the most to show off, the other 2 have more realistic crap to show off.


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