HAL Says They Are “Really Interested In Making A Fully 3D Kirby Game”


Kirby Triple Deluxe director Shinya Kumazaki, managing director Yurie Hattori and the team’s public relations staff Satoshi Ishida have sat down for an interview with VG247. One of the bits of information taken from the interview is the fact that the team say they would be really interested in making a full 3D platformer starring the iconic Kirby.

“We’re really interested in making a fully 3D Kirby game! I suspect there are also more than a few users who’d appreciate being able to freely run around a sprawling map, fighting with copy abilities.”

Can’t say I’m surprised I though Sakurai himself might do it after Smash Bros but seem’s his former employment will be doing it. I think we can all agree that this means a 3D Kirby game on Wii U, and honestly I’m fine with this. We still need Starfox, but Kirby is still better then another damn Mario game lol.


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