Mario Kart 8 Boosts Wii U Hardware Sales In The UK By A 666%


Mario Kart 8 haa made a considerable splash in terms of hardware sales. According to UK chart sales tracker UKIE, Mario Kart 8 has been a smash hit for the home console and boosted sales by a huge 666 per cent.

While the popular Kart title didn’t manage to beat Ubisoft’s Watch Dogs this week, coming in third place instead, the game has made waves of its own by becoming the best-selling Wii U title since the console’s launch in November 2012, followed by the accolade as the second best-selling of the series so far. Figures concerning hardware rose by a seriously meaty percentage with 82 per cent of total sales coming from the Mario Kart 8 Wii U bundle.

With the UK games market turning their heads to Mario Kart 8, we’ll hope for similar – or better – sales in both North America and Japan.

So while this is quite nice, its exactly like I thought it would be. Boosts Wii U sales, but it hasn’t “SAVED” the Wii U.

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