Ubisoft Says They Will Take Their Time With Watch Dogs 2 [Facepalm]

Watch Dogs

With Watch Dogs being the fastest selling new IP in the history of the video games industry, it’s no surprise that the company is thinking about a sequel. However, Ubisoft CEO Yves Guillemot says that the company won’t rush Watch Dogs 2 and will instead take their time developing the game. Guillemot even said that they may turn it into an annual franchise.

“To start with we will take time on Watch Dogs, to make sure – like with Assassin’s Creed II – we can come back with something that takes full advantage of what everything we created to do with the first game,” said Guillemot.

“After that, we will see, it depends on our teams. What we try and do is have different teams that take care of a brand, and give each team enough time. So I can’t say now if it will be an annual release, we will see in time how it works out depending on the overall ability of the very talented teams that look after the brand.”

“Watch Dogs did a lot better than we expected sales wise. And we are still tweaking some things in the gameplay in some areas. We have built some tools and processes that could make it a huge brand for the company. And the subject of hacking is endless in possibilities, so we think there’s big potential to astonish people in the long-run.”

Facepalm…another Watch Dogs is in the stars already…my gosh.


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