Satoru Iwata Has Been Re-Elected As Nintendo President By Shareholders


According to the Nintendo Annual Shareholders Meeting, Nintendo president Satoru Iwata has been re-elected to the board of directors. Iwata’s current approval rating hasn’t been revealed yet, but we should find out soon. The president of Nintendo missed the Annual Shareholders Meeting due to recent surgery on a growth.

So it seems that Iwata’s E3 plans pleased the shareholders its good to see Iwata has come to his sense. That being said I hope he recovers from his surgery and I hope he stays on course and continue to ONLY focus on the core fans and ignore the casual kids.


3 thoughts on “Satoru Iwata Has Been Re-Elected As Nintendo President By Shareholders

  1. Seeing as they owned the competition at E3, they’ll be alive for the next 30 years or so because of the money from the successful Wii and DS. Even the 3DS MIGHT save them. The Wii U is just barely helping them. About Iwata being re-elected, the stockholders are probably happy with Nintendo’s performance at E3. As the saying goes if you do good things, good things will happen to you. E3=Good, Good Karma= Iwata being re-hired lol. Also Reggie said Ass. The 2006 Reggie is back. I say bring it on Microsoft and Sony. Nintendo’s body is ready. Sory for be blabbing on lol. Lots of typos to.

    • Nintendo will be around longer then 30 years. They will last till 2075 at MINIMUM that’s if they burned $257 million every year and never made a penny again. I’ve talked about that before.

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