Results Are In For Miyamoto’s Question Regarding ‘Which Game Would You Like Nintendo To Make For Wii U?’


Miyamoto asked Kotaku readers to tell them which game they would like Nintendo to make for the Wii U. As expected there were quite a few interesting submissions. However, it seems like a new entry in the Metroid franchise was their top choice. Here’s the results.

Top Five Submissions:
•Metroid (2D or 3D, with many calling for Metroid Prime 4)
•A new Pokémon Snap
•A new F-Zero.
•A new 3D Mario game (Galaxy 3 or Sunshine 2). {FUCK NO}
•An original Dungeons-and-Dragons-style game with the GamePad player serving the role as dungeon master.

Runner Ups:
•Mega Man Legends 3 {3DS Game}
•Buy Capcom ? {Not a game but okay.}
•Earthbound {Face Palm}
•Star tropics
•The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask remake {3DS Remake not Wii U}


9 thoughts on “Results Are In For Miyamoto’s Question Regarding ‘Which Game Would You Like Nintendo To Make For Wii U?’

  1. I’d be made if Starfox AND f-zero came out, so I would probably want a new f-zero out of those choices. Dungeon and Dragon style thing don’t sound to bad. Sunshine 2 I wouldn’t mind. There is a little to no chance of it and I would be one of the few people who would buy it. A 3-D Metroid on the Wii U would be better and a 2-D on the 3ds if they were to make a 3ds one also.
    And a second pokemon snap….weird decision out of all the games to choose from but i’m okay with it.

  2. People seriously want a new SMS and SMG? They need to wake up. It’s a 1 in a trillion chance that it will happen. Personaly I want a new Ice Climbers for Wii U but that’s also very unlikely. What would you like to see OBA?

    • It’s coming next year…Did you not hear about it? Miyamoto has been working on it and it was revealed at E3…well revealed isn’t really the right word…no trailer but its coming next year on Wii U.

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