The 3DS Has Sold 16 Million Units In Japan Since It Launched In 2011


This week’s sales figures of Media Create, revealed that the 3DS has sold 16 million units in Japan since the handheld launched way back in 2011. Sales of the device have slowed in recent months due to the lack of big hitter games, though MH4U or MH4G in Japan which comes out next month I believe will be sure to boost the 3DS to the moon again.

Remember the 3DS has sold about 40 million in total around the world. So 16 million is almost half of that in just Japan. That means North America and Europe make up the other 24 million. Which is probably 12 million each region, making Japan have the highest amount, which makes sense since they always get a new fancy 3DS XL every other month lol.


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