Aonuma Claims That Zelda Wii U’s Open World Will Differ From Current Open World Games?


Bits of info from the recently published Edge Magazine starring the “king” of game design Shigeru Miyamoto are beginning to circulate online. Now there’s extra tidbits on Zelda Wii U.

Zelda producer and director Eiji Aonuma recently spoke to Edge Magazine on the topic of open worlds, following what was stated by Shinya Takahashi for Xenoblade, and said that Zelda Wii U’s open world won’t be like any other current open world game on the market. Aonuma’s spoken of the “vast” game world in the past, but let us know your thoughts on his statement in the comments below.

“Since we’re talking about open worlds, let’s state upfront that we don’t plan to have an open world in the same way other companies have been doing in recent years. “

What does that even mean? Its a new kind of open world? This has caught my attention…


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