[Big Rumour] – Nintendo Has Supposedly Found The Smash Bros Leaker?


This is a big ole rumor folks, but YouTuber “BalrogTheMaster” claims that Nintendo has found the person who supposedly leaked the Super Smash Bros 3DS footage earlier today. He claims that the leaker was an employee of Nintendo of America who was in the process of sending content to the ESRB for rating. Of course this isn’t confirmation, but if it’s true, then the Nintendo Ninja’s caught him or her rather quickly. And will be suing his ass. Though we should see Iwata, and Sakurai on a Nintendo Direct with the punk and they will both be holding katana’s and Iwata said, Please understand, this is why you don’t fuck with us.” Then they cut his head off as the screen goes black. That is what needs to happen for justice to be served.


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