Nintendo Reveals Demographics Of Wii U E-Shop Users, Males Account For 93% And Females Are Only 7%

Some interesting information has come from Nintendo’s Unite 2014 video which you can watch above. One of the most alarming pieces of information is the male and female gender ratio. Only 7% of E-Shop users are female while the majority are male at 93%. Whether this is a good indication of the overall gender split on Wii U isn’t clear, but it seems as though Nintendo has struggled to capture female gamers with Wii U.

90+% of Wii U consoles online
70+% of connected users (i.e. 63% overall) visit eShop on a “regular basis. Many of those people are repeat.”

Wii U E-Shop demographics

0-12 – 1%
13-17 – 5%
18-24 – 33%
25-34 – 46%
35+ – 14%
M/F – 93/7

Wow…would you look at that? I thought Nintendo was for kids, yet only 1% of the 7.5 million Wii U owners are kids lol. Nintendo’s core aka 18 year olds and up are the Wii U’s fanbase.


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