Splatoon Could Have Had Mario As The Main Character


Nintendo, confirmed that they talked about the possibility of having Mario as the main character in Splatoon. Speaking with Edge, designer Shigeru Miyamoto explained that the new third-person shooter wouldn’t be considered a new property if it starred Mario. (Obviously) The game’s producer, Hisashi Nogami, previously revealed that the concept behind Splatoon could have been built around an established franchise.

“There were heated debates over who the main player character should be. Whether it should be Mario, or a squid,” Miyamoto said. “When we talked about the possibility of it being Mario, of course we could think of the advantages: anybody would be willing to touch it as soon as we announced that we had the new Mario game. But at the same time, we had some worries. If it were Mario, we wouldn’t be able to create any new IP.”

So once again Miyamoto saves the day. Thank you sir. Mario is on vacation excluding Mario Maker, and lets not bring Mario back for 3 years okay? Okay! Also didn’t we already hear about this? I could have sworn we heard this news before?


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