Nintendo Thinks Mario Maker Won’t Negatively Impact Sales Of Main Mario Games [Hmm]


According to Nintendo producer Takashi Tezuka, Mario Maker will not negatively impact the sales of future releases of core Mario titles. Although the upcoming side-scrolling level editor application will contain multiple elements that haven’t been implemented in existing entries in the long-running series, Tezuka assures that unannounced Mario titles will also include new features. Mario Maker is scheduled to arrive in 2015 for Wii U.

“I think part of the fun of Mario is how you play and experience a series of courses, with boss battles, too, all of which get progressively harder,” said Tezuka. “Mario developers build up the whole world, making sure the different courses all fit well together. I don’t think the overall fun you can have with an entire Mario game is the same as playing a single course made in Mario Maker, and of course future Mario games will include lots of new features… so I don’t think the two will ever be in competition.”


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