Super Smash Bros 3DS Is Out (Early Review And My Mains)


Super Smash Bros 3DS is out now! I’ve put a few hours in, unlocked Falco, Dark Pit, and Ness, I’ve unlocked a few stages and played most of the modes. Even did some online, which does suffer from some lag at least in “For Fun” mode, I played the 1 Vs 1 in For Glory and there is almost no lag if any at all. This is to be expected though, every time a big game comes out it smashes (lol pun intended) the Nintendo Network, in a week or 2 it should have died down and be a bit smoother, I hope anyway.

My thoughts so far, is my only real issue is still, NO WOLF!!!, and Fox McCloud’s voice….like what the fuck did they do to his voice? It’s awful…my only other complaint is the “Secret Boss” in Classic Mode, the “Black Mist” or whatever it’s called, it’s hard as shit. Mainly it’s sword form and final form…aka you… But so far online I have 1 victory in For Glory Mode and no losses, and a few wins and losses in For Fun mode. My current rating of Smash Bros 3DS is going to be an 8.5/10. I suspect Smash Bros Wii U will get a 9/10 from me, it would have gotten a 10/10 probably if Wolf was still in…

Anyway lastly my mains (currently) are, Link, Fox, Greninja, Captain Falcon and Robin.

So how are you enjoying Smash Bros 3DS? And who are your main’s? Remember if you want to battle me make sure you have me on your friends list. Check the 3DS Friend Code Zone for my Friend Code. Hope you all are enjoying Smash Bros 3DS!


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